Today we're happy to announce the release of's new developer platform Featuring the powerful RVNBOX SDK, REST, GUI, Cloud for deploying and scaling and a Market for monetizing your work.

We're committed to helping change the world with Ravencoin by providing a best in class suite of tools for developers to SUPERCHARGE their RVN workflow.


ravencoin.onlineā€™s developer platform is based on the popular RVNBOX javascript framework. Offering utility methods for Mnemonics, HDNodes, ECPairs, Crypto, Address conversion, Transactions and much more.

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The RVN JSON RPC over HTTP including a fully documented and interactive GUI which developers can use to test their ideas and confirm their code is making proper API calls.

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Proper REST Semantics

Instead of POSTing directly to ravend we've wrapped the RVN JSON RPC in REST semantics so you GET when reading and POST when writing from/to the chain.

rest 1

Addresses, Blocks and Transactions

Get details such as balance, utxo and unconfirmed transactions for an address. Get details about a block or transaction.

rest 2


BIP44 development wallet. Convert between address Types. Create QR codes for WIF, XPub and XPrivs. Sign and verify messages.

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BIP44 development wallet

Create as many BIP44 accounts as you want on mainnet or testnet. See their address, WIF, XPub and XPriv.


Sign/Verify messages

Sign messages in legacy with any address in your GUI. Verify messages in legacy from any wallet.


Address Conversion

Paste in legacy, wif, xpub or xpriv and get address conversion and QR codes.


Configured how you like it

Create as many accounts as you need. Vary the entropy in the mnemonic. Supports 8 languages. Custom HD Paths. Add a password. Mainnet or Testnet.



Blockchain-as-a-Service. Infrastructure to deploy and scale your apps. An ecosystem of add-ons for data, monitoring, logging, metrics, testing and more all built w/ RVNBOX.

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Paid downloads, streaming media, in-app purchases, tokens and more ways for you to monetize.

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Mastering Ravencoin

Based on Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Mastering Ravencoin is the ultimate master level course. Covering topics ranging from "What is Ravencoin?", "How Ravencoin Works", "Keys, Addresses, Wallets", "Transactions", "The Blockchain", "Mining and Consensus" and much more Mastering Ravencoin will take your knowledge from hobbyist to professional step-by-step.

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Step by step instructions to build Ravencoin apps from scratch. See real world examples get built and have your own working copies to bootstrap your project from.

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Open Source

Spot an error? Want to add something? is 100% open source under the MIT Open Source License. Clone the repo and create a pull request.


The Ravencoin developer community is growing quickly. Daily new apps launch which push the boundaries of what is possible with blockchain technology. We're committed to continuing to release cutting-edge open source tooling to help developers go from idea to application. Watch this space for blog posts, video streams and more.

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