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The popularity of Ravencoin is on the rise and RVNBOX SDK aims to channel all the interest in to amazing applications. In this post we'll go over the basics needed to get started creating amazing applications with RVNBOX SDK and Ravencoin.


RVNBOX is an incredibly powerful and intuitive SDK which lets developers build world class applications quickly. It’s built with modern web tech which is familiar to developers all over the world. We launched developer.ravencoin.online to help beginners and old pros hone their blockchain dev skills. The goal of this article is to show the first steps needed to set up your development environment and start playing around with the RVNBOX SDK.

In this post we’ll cover the following:

  • Prerequisites
  • Setting up your development environment
  • Installing RVNBOX SDK
  • Running your first RVNBOX code samples


RVNBOX SDK is built around modern web technology. To hit the ground running you should have some basic HTML, CSS and Javascript skills. These technologies are cornerstones of the Modern Web and at the core of RVNBOX SDK. If you’re unfamiliar with any of these technologies start by first going through these tutorials on HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Development Environment

RVNBOX SDK is a javascript framework built on nodeJS. To get started head to the NodeJS homepage and download their Long Term Support (LTS) release. Currently that is v8.3.11.

nodejs download version

This also comes bundled with npm which is the “Node Package Manager”. You can confirm everything downloaded correctly by opening your terminal and running node --version and npm --version.

node and npm versions

Next you’ll need a text editor to edit code. For that we suggest Atom.io. It’s an open-source editor built and maintained by GitHub. It too is built with web tech so you can extend it with HTML, CSS and Javascript plugins and themes.

atomIO logo

Finally you’re ready to install RVNBOX SDK. You can do that with

npm install rvnbox-sdk --global
. This will give you access to RVNBOX scaffolds, console, paper wallet generator and more. To confirm it worked run rvnbox --version. At the time of writing the latest version of RVNBOX SDK is v1.4.4.

rvnbox version

It should be noted that all of the above tools, NodeJS, NPM, AtomIO and RVNBOX SDK all work on MacOS, Windows and Linux. The screenshots show MacOS but RVNBOX SDK works across all platforms.


React Scaffold

Now that you have all the tools installed you’re ready to start playing around with the RVNBOX SDK. We want to make it as easy as possible to go from idea to app so we offer scaffolds to bootstrap basic wallets in the popular Angular, React, Node, Next and Vue frameworks. These allow you to scaffold a basic RVN application in under a minute that you can build your app on. To see this in action run

rvnbox new sampleApp --scaffold react

react scaffold

Next to run the app change directories to the newly created sampleApp directory and first install all the dependencies with npm install. Once that is complete run the app with npm start.

hello rvnbox

Our scaffold app first create a 256 mnemonic in one of 8 languages (english, french, italian, spanish, korean, japanese and chinese simplified/traditional). Next it creates the first BIP44 account and generates the first 10 external change addresses for that account. Finally it creates a 1-to-1 Pay-to-PubKeyHash (P2PKH) transaction so you can see how the code flow works. Note that each time your refresh the page a new mnemonic and BIP44 wallet will be created.

RVNBOX Console

RVNBOX SDK also comes bundled with a development console which you can use to test your ideas with no setup involved. The RVNBOX Console is a full nodeJS REPL with the entire RVNBOX API built in. That means that you can leverage the entire Javascript API and all of RVNBOX right from your terminal. To try this out confirm you’re in the sampleApp directory and run rvnbox console.

rvnbox console

Now that you have a RVNBOX Console you can copy and paste any code sample from the RVNBOX SDK documentation and it will work. This is a great way to play around with the SDK and test your ideas quickly with no ovehead.


ravencoin.online's RVNBOX SDK is incredibly powerful and intuitive. It’s built with modern web tech that is familiar to developers all over the world and has everything needed for you to hit the ground running and go from idea to app 10x faster than the competition.

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